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up to 5% additional profit rate

ABC/M method

Activity Based Costing (ABC) is an innovative method dedicated to increasing the company’s profitability. The essence of the method consist of assigning  most of indirect costs to those cost objects which generated them, using drivers and activities, in order to determine the real profitability, individually, for each cost object: finished good, good, customer, channel, agent, project, transaction, line of business and others.

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ABC- operational level:

- you have a  tool for calculating the real profitability for each customer, product, channel, salesman and any other cost object

- you benefit from an instrument which helps you to determine the reason why some cost objects are profitable and others generate losses.

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MyABCM - affiliate partner

With over 18 years  experience, MyABCM gave professional support to their partners for implementing ABC/M in more than 600 projects, all over the world.

The customers are from different fields: distribution, manufacturing, retail, financial institution and services .

You can find a short presentation of this company if you access the next internet addresses: 


MyABCM’s  software solution is built on 3 important pillars:

- functionality: profitability analyses,  “what if” scenarios , OLAP reports, dashboards, cost’s traceability using graphics and others;

- fiability: minimum hardware resources, without additional costs, large processing capacity with processing of data in real time, user friendly interface developed  under Microsoft’s, direct access to the model’s  database ( SQLite, Oracle 10g , 11g, SQL Server 2005, 2008).

- user friendly  thanks to the undo/redo or copy/paste functions, sort, export into Excel, different types of graphics

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